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Phone System

Call Center

Call Center






Phone System

Run your business from anywhere with TalkChief phone system. No installation, no hassle!


Toll-Free Numbers

Quickly set up toll-free numbers and be local to your customers, wherever you are.

International Numbers

Based in Washington but selling in London? No problem! Get local numbers in 100+ countries.

Call Conferencing

Bring your teams together with call conferencing. Host up to five people on the same live call.

Business Hours

Define business hours to confirm when each of your numbers are available to receive calls.


Create customized greeting messages so no inbound calls remain unanswered even outside of your business hours.

Call Routing

Direct calls to the right teammates every time by customizing distribution and ring rules.

(IVR) Interactive Voice Response

Guide the caller through different options and ensure they’re always directed to the right agent.


Make every team member easily accessible and route calls seamlessly with a personalized three-digit extension.

Blacklist Numbers

Focus more on what matters the most. Cut through the noise by blocking spam callers and bots.

Virtual call center

Reach customers around the globe and in various time zones with an easy-to-use virtual call center.

Warm Transfer

Improve the caller experience by quickly discussing among teammates before transferring a live call.

Shared Caller ID

Assign your team members one caller ID to match your custom business needs.

Fixed Caller ID

Build strong and consistent customer relationships with a static caller ID for your agents.

Dynamic Caller ID (Random)

Assign a dynamic random Caller ID when your members call, selected randomly from your team pool numbers.

Smart Caller ID (Dynamic)

See at least 60% increase in call pickup rate with Dynamic caller ID that selects call numbers based on local codes.

Number Spam Protection

Preserve your business reputation by monitoring your number spam score. Replace high spam score numbers with a ingle click.

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Call Center

Call Center

All the communication features you need to create outstanding customer experiences, direct from the cloud.


Real-Time Modifications

Manage your calls and change settings in real-time with just a few clicks - from adding new users to including new numbers.

Call Queuing

Enhance the customer’s experience on hold while they wait for the next available agent.

Ring Groups

Route calls to teams grouped by location, language, skill, or any other trait you’d like.

Parallel Calls

Handle multiple customer queries while putting one call on hold and starting another with a third-party.

Unlimited Concurrent Calls

Handle as many inbound and outbound calls as you like, all at the same time - on the same phone number.

Queue Callback

Free up your callers' time by allowing them to receive your outbound reply without having to wait on the line.

Time-Based Routing

Set working hours to make sure calls are routed only to available agents.

Skill-Based Routing

Automatically route inbound calls to specific agents based on their fit and skills required by the caller.

Call Recording

Unlimited call recordings to help you manage compliance and performance. Each conversation is secured in the cloud.

Solutions for Call Center


Save time and boost team productivity. Get up and running in minutes with power-packed features.


Team Supervisors

Boost team efficiency and performance by creating teams and assigning supervisors.

Desktop Notifications

Receive automatic notification of every incoming call right on your screen. Start a conversation by clicking on the banner.

Ring on Speakers

Never miss a call by ensuring all incoming calls ring loudly in your workplace.


Not in the office? No problem! Receive calls on the go by forwarding calls to your mobile device.

Custom Filters

No need to sift through extensive call logs. Quickly find the exact conversation you’re looking for via custom ilters.

CRM Integrations

Keep all conversations connected by integrating with your CRM, Helpdesk, and other collaboration tools.

Desktop and Mobile Apps

Grow your business quickly with our feature-rich business phone app, offering customers a fast way to contact you.

Solutions for Remote Teams


Keep an eye on the performance of your agents, either individually or as a team, with analytics and reporting.


Call Center Analytics

Monitor and track all your call center metrics like wait time, missed call rate, and call volume in one place.

Live Feed

Track your call center activities in real-time. Always have updated data on inbound calls and agent productivity at your fingertips.

Call Monitoring

Monitor live calls to speed up employee training and improve call quality assurance.`

Call Whispering

Provide timely advice to teammates by secretly speaking while they are on a live call.

Interactive BI Dashboards

Track relevant KPIs to make key decisions in real-time and increase call center efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Comprehensive Call reports

Track every inbound and outbound call using our comprehensive call reports.

Custom Reports on demand

Keep your finger on the pulse of your business with custom call reports on demand.

Solutions for Sales

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